User's Guide Book: Website compliance with open standards --> Procedures for testing websites for compliance with open standards

Websites to be tested:

Testing procedures

web site checklist:


I think we should diversify the research - take some big, some medium and some small municipalities. Thus we could also compare the results accross the size scale.

I am thinking about 3 staged approach:

  1. w3c validation
  2. cross-browser functionality testing (Firefox, Konqeror, Opera)
  3. downloadable and uploadable file formats


I think we should also validate css at

and we might check how they appear on different browsers (Mozilla, IE6, IE5, Opera), it's important if they use javascript


... --maikls, Wed, 02 Feb 2005 00:17:26 +0200 reply
An index of Latvian municipalities: (Thank you Kaspars)

A nice web site checklist: (Thank you Edgars)

... -- Mon, 07 Feb 2005 02:11:52 +0200 reply
Not to forget HTML validation too: