User's Guide

Tai knyga, skirta savivaldybių darbuotojams, kitiems valstybės tarnautojams, įmonėms, kt. organizacijoms

The guide will be prepared for municipal workers and will contain rules and recommendations how to create a website compliant with W3C standards, how to prepare electronic documents in open formats. This book will be useful for other civil servants, enterprises, other organisations, etc.

The guide will be prepared in both languages (Lithuanian and Latvian) after making analysis in both countries and it will be suitable to use both countries. The guide will be printed in 100 copies in Lithuanian language and in 50 (60 ?) copies in Latvian language. An electronic version will be published in all partners websites under the free licences. Preliminary number of pages ~ 50.


It is a preliminary contents of User's Guide and you are free to comment it.

  1. Overview
  2. WebsiteCompliance? with open standards
    • OpenStandardsInWebSites - information for decision makers about open standards in web sites
    • WebsiteCreating - General rules for creating a website
    • WebsiteTesting - Procedures for testing websites for compliance with open standards
    • WebsiteRevision - Revision of existing website for compliance with open standards
    • WebTools - Compliant with standards web site creation/editing tools (software)
  3. Perparation of electronic documents
    • MunicipalDocs - Overview of electronic document types used at municipal institutions
    • OpenFormats - Information for decision makers about open document formats and their types
    • Tools - Creating documents in open formats and coverting existing closed formats documents into open formats
  4. Annexes

The Guide Book should include information for system administrators and document preparators (for tech & non-tech personnel). Albertas told, that in the begining of each section he writes information for non-tech personnel and later is information for IT personnel.

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Overview --kaspars, Sat, 14 May 2005 14:35:41 +0300 reply
It is good to give at the and to read book to not related to IT person to give opinion for how hard is to read it not knowing match about it.