PHARE 2002 BAS (English site)

This site is created to share information with Latvian colleagues. In PHARE2002BAS you can find information in Lithuanian language. In the main AKL website there is also more information about the project published - (sorry, still in Lithuanian).

Project title: Pilot Project for Using Open Data Exchange Standards in Local Authorities.

Project partners: AKL, LAKA, Vilnius City Municipality.

Project duration: 6 month (+1 for audit procedures).

The main project team: Romena (AKL) and Kaspars (LAKA) - project coordinators, Albertas (AKL) and Maikls (LAKA) - web experts, Mantas (AKL) and Aigars (LAKA) - OSS experts. There we also participate 2 members of steering committee, 2 persons from Vilnius City Municipality and additional expert.

At the end of the project a UsersGuide (VartotojoVadovas) will be published as a result of the project. The guide will be prepared for municipal workers and will contain rules and recommendations how to create a website compliant with W3C standards, how to prepare electronic documents in open formats. More information about the contents: UsersGuide (VartotojoVadovas).

January will be the hardest month as we had to postpone December activities for January.

Here you can find a general plan of project activities and a plan what activities we should do on what months: PlanOfActivities (VeikluPlanas), PlanOfActivitiesMonths (VeikluPlanasMenesiais). I have also prepared tables for AKL and LAKA activities (not included steering committee and Vilnius City Municipality): AKLActivities (AKLVeiklos) and LAKAActivities (LAKAVeiklos). As the tables were made pasting tables made with Calc into Mozillar Composer there can be additional tags/bugs/information. If one want - can correct those.
There are also prepared plans for each type of activity: ProjectCoordination (ProjektoKoordinavimas), WebActivities (WebVeiklos), OSSActivities (OSSVeiklos), InfDissemination (InfSklaida).

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